PROBUS originated via Rotary however now operates independently!

In the beginning.
Probus originated in the United Kingdom in 1965. The first Probus Clubs formed in the South Pacific area were New Zealand in 1974, Australia in 1976 and The Philippines in 2007. Probus has filled a need for today's active retirees, so much so that the growth has been phenomenal. It is now a world-wide movement in twenty three countries.

On the 20th March 1989 the then President of Tauranga Te Papa Rotary Club, Barry Benton convened the first interest meeting that led to the formation and later the Chartering of the Tauranga Te Papa Probus Club.  The Club celebrates its Birthday in June of each year.
What is PROBUS & What do PROBUS Clubs do
PROBUS is an association of active senior members of the community; for those no longer working full time, who join together in clubs for a new lease of life.

Its basic purpose is to provide regular opportunities to progress healthy minds and bodies, through social interaction and activities, expand interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

Probus provides opportunities to keep your minds active, expand your interests, stay fit and healthy through activities, benefit from training programs, and network between like-minded people and enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

Probus can provide members of the community with fresh ideas to enrich and fulfil their lives.
Age is not a number but how you feel inside – enjoy the many benefits offered through Probus – it may be your best decision.
5 reasons to join us
 1. Enjoy the fellowship of like-minded people
  • Members get to know other active retirees in their local community as well as around Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.
2. Develop new interests
  • Listen to experts talk on a new topic each month. Discussion topics include getting involved in charity work, travelling the world, researching history and ancestry, and much more.
 3. Stay healthy
  • Play tennis, go for a ride or take a hike with your local Probus club's special interest group.
4. Travel anywhere in the world
  • Probus members enjoy regular trips, both domestic and international, with special activities and great savings.
5. Stay in the loop
  • Keep informed about the latest news for over-55’s with expert advice on topics of interest, health and travel by reading, ACTIVE,  the flagship publication for the Probus organization in New Zealand.
6. Access PROBUS Travel Insurance
  • Travel anywhere, with anyone.  Probus travel insurance has been designed by PROBUS for PROBUS Active retirees.   

Why not join a Probus club today?  For more information and to find a club click this link: PROBUS