Meeting Duties
       Duties for Greeter and Steward including Grace and Parting Thought
  1. Arrive 30 minutes early to ensure the meeting is set up correctly.
  2. Liaise with your assistant to share tasks if necessary.
  3. Take our flag from the entrance lobby and put it on the brackets outside the door.
  4. Our box will be in our cupboard, combination 993. Take out the President's chain,  Rotary silver gong/bell, put them on the Presidents table.
  5. Take out the member's name tag box and put it on the small table outside the meeting room entrance doors.
  6. Stand at the entrance to meet and greet everyone attending the meeting. Welcome then introduce guest speaker to speaker host.
  7. Most members will tick their name on the attendance list beside the name badge box, remind those who don't. 
  8. Either read the grace from the screen or you may wish to provide your own alternative when asked to by the person opening the meeting.
  9. After the meeting and as requested by the club president, give a parting thought to the members and guests present. Note: The parting thought is your choice on any subject matter. 
       Duties of the Assistant Steward
  1. Be prepared to be a bit late leaving after the meeting.
  2. Prepare room for meeting, move tables and chairs if necessary.
  3. Return everything to its original place after the meeting. Please ensure that all the member's name tags have been returned before putting the name tag box away. Return chairs and Tables to usual place as per before our meeting.
  4. Get vacuum cleaner from storeroom and vacuum room. Return it to the storeroom. Take the President's chain,  rotary silver gong/bell, from the Presidents table and return them to our cupboard, lock the cupboard. Combination is 993.
  5. Get our flag from the bracket outside the door and put it under the table in the entrance way.
       Duties of the Speaker Host and Thank you
  1. Meet and introduce yourself to the guest speaker when they arrive.
  2. Check whether the speaker requires audio / visual aids or intends using a Power Point and introduce the speaker to the person responsible for technical aids. If unsure who that is, ask the President or Roster person.
  3. Take the guest speaker to collect their meal when asked to by the person opening the meeting.
  4. Sit with the guest speaker during the meal. Then you will introduce the speaker.

  5. Once the guest speaker has finished their talk you are to thank the speaker on behalf of the club. Thank them for the time taken to attend etc. (please not a critique on their talk).
  6. Present the speaker with a Rotary pen and the certificate of gift to Rotary Foundation on their behalf. You will find these items in the main cupboard.
      Duties of the Raffle Donor
  1. Supply a box of chocolates, bottle of wine or similar for the raffle drawn at the meeting.
  2. Leave your raffle prize on the table at which the President will be seated. 
       Duties of  RYE Student Host
  1. On the night before the meeting phone our student and check as to what is to happen. The phone number for our student is always available on the Club Runner app. 
    Ask whether he / she will be available to come to Rotary the following day.
    If yes, then arrange a meeting time and place. The student will be already appraised of the best place to meet and the best time which is usually 11:45 am for our lunch meeting.
    Be aware that if your duty is in school holiday time it may be that the student needs to be picked up from home.
  2. Make sure you make your appointed time when you pick the student up.
  3. Remember at the end of the Rotary meeting that you are also responsible for returning our student to wherever you picked him / her up earlier.
  4. The car trip is an excellent time to discuss any trips the student may be planning. Should you have something planned which could include our student, this would be an excellent time to invite him / her. Maybe invite them out for a meal (does not have to be flash) to your home or if you have some function that you think they would enjoy, be their host. If you are picking the student up from the College please give the the student your car registration number for safety and security reasons, and ensure that they will get in the correct vehicle. 
  5. Most importantly - if you are unable to fulfil your duty please make alternative arrangements with another Club member. Your cooperation is really appreciated.