An update from Kelly our exchange student in Germany
So far, I have visited Paris for the weekend, which was great even if I was sick while I was there. We saw the Eiffel tower and many other famous attractions. I had my language camp last week in Lindenberg which was good. Next week I go on my Germany tour.
A photo from Paris, I am in the middle ^^ with exchange student Bruna from Brazil (left) And exchange student Camila from Ecuador (right)
Here in Germany, my first host family is so great, there is always someone around the house to talk to and play games with. Being in this family is really nice because I don't have siblings in NZ and here I have 5 siblings. In the first two months I have been on a weekend trip to Paris with the Rotex from Freiburg, this trip was great, and I got to see many things, such as the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe. I started school in the 9th class and have made so many friends. School is hard because my German is not the best, but it is getting easier as my German improves. All my classmates help me with the language and so does my family. I also went to a weeklong language camp in Lindenberg, which is close to Austria. This week was the best and it was so rewarding to see how my German had improved, after seeing my effort and my results from the language camp, the rotary district has decided to sponsor me and a few others from my district for the Budapest and Vienna tour - which is amazing! I do not know many details yet, but I will update when I know. Next week I go on my Germany tour and I am really excited for that. In the Germany tour we will visit places like Hamburg and Frankfurt and many more. Thanks for giving me the chance to come to Germany, I am really enjoying it.