News From our exchange student in USA Kalista Ellis
Hi Everyone, I’m on exchange in Moscow, in the state of Idaho USA, I haven’t long past my first 2 months and yet so far, I have had so many epic experiences and made amazing memories. Within these first few months I have started school at Moscow High School, I have noticed so much difference between my school back home and the one here, it’s only ONE building! I take so many different classes that I really didn’t think would be offered, like walk fit for example four classes a week I get to go on walks around the town with the class, at the start it was a real great way to make friends and see more of the town.
In these first two months through my travelling I have gone through the temperatures from snow boots in Canada to bikinis in the island of Kauai (one of Hawaii’s four islands). I’m writing this report laying by the fire with several layers of clothes on after just arriving back from my first spring break holiday in Kauai. Whilst in Kauai with my host family we had loads of adventures, I completed a 16km hike of the Napali Coast line, we had several days with blazing hot sun where I just swam and snorkelled, we went to a traditional Laue.  For three days of our trip though we experienced countless flash flood warnings, however somehow, I still managed to leave looking fried. Through my rotary district 5080 I have gone on two Rotary trips, the first being to a town called Rossland in British Columbia, Canada, this trip was great fun where I got to meet all the other RYE students in my district. The second trip was a ski weekend to 49 degrees north, in the State of Washington, this was so amazing and such an active weekend that I enjoyed thoroughly.
Along with taking me to Kauai, my host family has taken me snow shoeing, cross country skiing, these are things I had never experienced before, they were so fun but required so much energy and co-ordination which I’m kind of still trying to get a hang of, so I ended up in the snow more times than I can count. We often go on drives to new places, so I can see more or to go hiking which is enjoyable.  My host father has also taken me out to spot moose which are reported to on the outskirts of Moscow, but we haven’t managed to find them yet.
To think that it’s been such little time since I left yet I have done so many things and have meet so many amazing people, and I am so grateful and excited for what has come and is yet to come.
Below I have inserted some images, the first being of me and my host sister Terra at tunnels beach in Kauai, the second was taken during snow shoeing, and the third being my neighbourhood.