The autumn is so lovely although it’s really dry here and we haven’t had rain for maybe over a month. I changed to my last host family a few weeks ago and they are so lovely, I have two host siblings my age and we have 3 dogs. We live in the country side so I’m seeing a lot of cows lately (smelling them too). I have met all the new exchange students and it’s so strange being an oldie, I’m the only oldie and the only one speaking much German so sometimes it’s like I’m the mother of 17 teenage children. I go back to school for another year when I come home, I really want to finish NCEA. I have attached some photos below from me with the new exchange students.
In the holidays I went on my own little Germany tour and stayed with my cousin for a week. I visited Bremen, Hamburg, Cologne and many more places. Germany is so beautiful and I always get lost looking at everything. My second family took me on a two week holiday to Italy and it was so amazing! It was the German part of Italy so I got to exercise my German in a place where not many people spoke English. We stayed at a hotel in the mountains and most days my sister and I had the pool to ourselves, you better believe I looked like a tomato after every day. 
I just moved into my third and last family and they are all so nice! I have two siblings and we have 3 dogs. In school I moved into the 11th grade (first I was in the 10th then I was in the 12th), I had to move because I can’t do the German finishing year with them. At first I was sad but now it’s given me the opportunity to make friends in three different year groups. I really enjoy the school here and the teachers are all nice to me. My rotary club is great! I’ve been offered to go on a few trips skiing or to the oldest city in Germany. I’ve also been to Europa-park about five times, but I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of riding the same 5 roller coasters every time I go.
Thank you for this opportunity. A photo from Italy and a photo of me from when I was in Hamburg.
   Above is a small mountain village we visited in Italy
Sunning myself in Hamburg.
Photo from the Christmas market